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' I believe that following your passions will lead on perfecting and mastering your talents. One of my passions is assisting others to realise the very same thing. As I have always liked dancing, I was attending different classes. After completing my Zumba Training Fitness Certificate, I was introduced to Zanga Zanga Fitness and without a second thought I danced into it. I connected to Zanga classes in many different ways, clothes, fashion, music, dancing and performances. Classes are for every level, and you work out according to your ability. The best part of Zanga class I find is that you burn so much fat and work out all over your body without realising as you are too busy having fun. Zanga classes have a positive social enviroment and the number of ladies attenting are increasing by the day. Since I have started leading my classes I have had a very good feedback, the most common one is that ' it makes women happy ' and that make me happy. The training to become an instructor was simple and easy. The team are very helpful and always ready at hand to assist at anytime of the day. I take this opportunity to thank Zanga Zanga company."

Iman - Zanga Zanga Fitness instructor

Becoming a ZANGA PRO will allow you to immediately teach one of the fastest growing group fitness formats in the UK and beyond. Our tutorial videos will reach you no matter the location! 

With expanding opportunities to instruct in a growing community of gyms, studios, corporate wellness programs and schools, adding the ZANGA PRO credential to your resume will give you a competitive edge and increase your marketability. 

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Testimonials from a few instructors and why they chose Zanga Zanga...


Mother of four, works at the Neonatal Intensive Care and a Kent Zanga Zanga Fitness instructor

"I have always tried to include healthy eating and fitness into my life. I fell in love with Zanga Zanga from the first class I attended!. I wanted to share my love of Zanga Zanga with others who have the aspiration to become a better stronger version of themselves. I am a mum to four and work part time at the local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  And although balancing family and a career may be tough sometimes I believe that finding time for yourself and your health is very important, and a great example for your family.

Not only does Zanga Zanga provide you with the fitness benefits, it also allows you to meet some    wonderful inspirational ladies! I cannot express how proud I am being a part of this zangalicious family!"


Biomedical Scientist and East London Zanga Zanga instructor /coordinator 

"Growing up as a young Asian girl I found it very discouraging to participate in physical activity and sports, especially being the feminine type that enjoyed oriental dances. Until I became of a certain age, where I chose to join the gym and work on my fitness level. I started attending Zanga Fitness classes regularly because, I really enjoyed it and it challenged my body to work hard. This encouraged me to want to get involved in order to engage women into fitness and, give an opportunity to girls other than the typical sports available to them."


Events managing director and Luton Zanga Zanga instructor

I have always wanted to help women increase their confidence and to love their bodies. I have attended a variety of different exercise classes and Zanga Zanga is my favourite as it's a fun way of keeping fit, and that's why i have chosen to become part of the Zanga Zanga team. '